Fire alarm problems delay first period, lengthen third period

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Two unrelated fire alarm issues in Whittier Woods led to bell schedule changes this morning.

Teachers turn to innovative methods to communicate with students

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Ping! A text pops up on your phone. It’s not emoji-filled, and “lol” isn’t used even once. No, this text is from your teacher, reminding you to do your homework.

MCPS launches pedestrian safety initiative

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“YOLO” is an important mantra among today’s teens. It’s a reminder to try something new, to take a risk—and according to MCPS, to cross the street carefully.

Bethesda ranks second snobbiest city in the US

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Living in Bethesda, surrounded by iPhones, upscale SUVs and double shot venti soy lattes, it can be hard to put affluence into perspective. Real estate blog Movoto did it for us.


Boys soccer loses final game of the season 3-0 to St. Benedicts Prep

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Boys soccer lost their final game of the regular season 3-0 on a road trip to New Jersey against St. Benedicts Prep.

Field hockey loses 1-0 to Poolesville in final regular season game

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The field hockey team ended their regular season on Friday afternoon with a 1-0 loss at home to the 11-1-1 Poolesville Falcons.

Boys and girls cross country place first and sixth in counties respectively

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The boys cross-country team won the county championship this Saturday morning with four runners placing in the top 24.

Girls soccer finishes season 12-0 with 3-2 win over Good Counsel

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The girls soccer team ended their regular season on a high note yesterday, prevailing over the Good Counsel Falcons 3-2.


Students work at Markoff’s Haunted Forest

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You sprint through the woods, pass a rotting corpse on the ground, and see blood on trees from those less fortunate than you. You don’t look back.

SGA swaps crowns for capes with new homecoming heroes

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Trading crowns for capes, a group of four individuals was deemed hero-worthy by their peers last Friday at the homecoming pep rally.

Not trick-or-treating? No problem

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Temperatures are dropping, and soon Spiderman, Al Capone, and Dracula will all be prowling the streets, not to fight crime, embezzle money, or drink blood, but to ask for candy.

Multimedia: HC football game

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The Black & White multimedia team recaps the homecoming football game.


Homework spots around school

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Too often, after a long night of procrastinating, I quickly rush to the library to finish work last minute—only to discover that dreaded “library closed for lunch” sign. My heart stops and I look around at the others reading the same sign in panic, all wondering ‘where do we go now?’

“YOLO” detracts from MCPS pedestrian safety campaign

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They came overnight. Attaching themselves to neat blue boxes like barnacles to a whale, posters of somber, tire-marked faces have populated the halls.

Do you really know your friends?

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Pick a friend of yours. Any friend. Now as accurately as you can, try to describe an average day of his or her life. What’s his or her school day like? What extra-curricular activities is he or she doing? What does he or she do at home?

Domestic violence’s double standard

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A startling video surfaced a few weeks ago of Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée (now wife) Janay Palmer in an elevator. The punch knocked Palmer off her feet and she smashed her head on the elevator handrail, knocking her unconscious.