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Argonaut: Part 2

Outside the control room, the distant glowing of faraway beacons intensified once again into a swarm of blinding lights as two Trilobites touched down upon the wrecked hull of the Argonaut. Diving sleds and armored rescuers disengaged their locks, and pairs parted to do their respective trades. The armored rescuers now plodded along the deck, […]

Argonaut: Part 1

The immense steel beast disappeared beneath the ebbing waves long before help arrived. No traces of debris, wreckage or crew from the doomed cargo ship Argonaut floated above the surface, eighty miles off the coast of Somalia.

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Exploring lying

Did you know that I’ve never told a lie? All my life, I’ve always tried to tell the absolute truth. I’ve never told a lie to benefit myself, or to benefit others. And that’s the truth.

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