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Blogs with the best beats

First records, tapes and CDs started to go. Now, even iTunes has found competition in alternative websites to listen and download free music. Here are some of my recommendations for the best music blogs to get priceless tunes.

G.O.O.D. Music Blog:

This blog features mostly rap and rap remixes. The website has a broad range of artists, from big names like Kanye West and Kid Cud to more random rappers like “Big Sean.” But the real attraction is the free download of a new song every Friday.


Go to the website, click an emotion and you’ll get a playlist with songs matching your mood. Whether you just woke up, want to party or feel like crying, there’s music on this site that’ll fit your mood perfectly, from John Coltrane to classic rock.


This blog has interesting electronic music from lesser-known bands like Duck Sauce and Battery Acid. Most songs are upbeat techno and seem to blend together after a while. Even so, there usually is a bunch of songs that are fun to listen to.

The Hype Machine:

This blog is by far one of my favorites because it doesn’t stick to just one genre of music.  Artists range from alternative bands like Vampire Weekend and Beirut to electronic remixes of Beach House and Phoenix. Dubstep artists like Borgore and reggae artists like Damian Marley also show up from time to time.

Obscure Sound:

This blog is a little different. Unlike TechnocolorKids and G.O.O.D., these bloggers don’t just randomly post songs. The blog publishes monthly playlists of mostly alternative, soft-sounding bands like Local Natives and Arcade Fire as well as less widely-known alternative bands. Each playlist has a variety of genres and artists to offer, and the site is predominantly free of rap and electronic music. You can listen to the songs for free or download a whole compilation. The blog also has band interviews, the most recent with Flaming Lips front man Wayne Corne.

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