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Sophomore Ali Foreman wins underage drinking prevention video contest

Sophomore Ali Foreman won first place in an underage drinking prevention video contest sponsored by the Keeping It SAFE Coalition April 29.

Sophomore Ali Foreman narrates a story in her award-winning video about the dangers of underage drinking. She received the grand prize and $1,000 from the Keeping It SAFE Coalition. Photo courtesy Ali Foreman.

Foreman’s video, which featured the slogan “Talk About It,” depicts some of the harsh consequences of underage drinking.  The short public service announcement shows a series of photos of junior Casey Paul, who played an underage drinker, and ends with the implication that Paul’s character was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Foreman also won last year’s contest with her “Say Something” video.

“It’s a good feeling winning the second year,” she said.  “It was just rewarding to be able to sort of pull off the same trick twice.”

Foreman’s video will air on the MCPS channel in the future.  Foreman also received $1,000 in prize money.  She will use the money to buy equipment for the Whitman Filmmakers Club, of which she is president.

The video contest helped Foreman become more aware of the consequences of underage drinking and should help decrease alcohol use among teens, she said.

“I think it probably helps more for kids who participate than the kids who get to see the commercials, partially because when you spend however many hours thinking up an idea, creating the idea, shooting the idea, editing the idea, it really hammers it into your head,” Foreman said.   “I think alcohol abuse is one of the things that become so much the norm for kids that somebody needs to say something about it.”

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