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Students can take Ride On and Metrobus for free again

Children with a valid school ID can use Ride On and Metrobus services for free between 2 and 7 p.m. on weekdays starting July 1, after a one-year hiatus.

Students wait outside school at the Ride On bus stop. Starting in July, students will once again be able to take the bus for free. Photo by Eyal Hanfling.

The County Council reinstated the “Kids Ride Free” program May 19. The program, which was cut last year due to budget constraints, will go into effect July 1.

Councilmember Nancy Navarro advocated for the return of the program after speaking to many students from around the county, according to a Council press release.

In the past year, the cost of the Ride On has deterred some students from using the service to get around town.

“I used to take the Ride On home every day,” junior Josh Loock said. “But after the county started making us pay, it just became too much of an expense to use on a regular basis.”

Sophomore Alex Farzanegan, who takes the Ride On four times a week, is grateful for the return of free bus fare for students.

“I’m really happy about not having to waste so much money,” he said. “$1.70 dollars for each ride adds up after a while.”

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5 thoughts on “Students can take Ride On and Metrobus for free again”

  1. The lead in stated “MCPS students can use Ride On and Metro Bus services” etc. Is this indicative of Montgomery County Public School students? What about the students from other schools whose parents live in Montgomery County paying taxes etc., etc., etc. Isn’t this just a little discriminatory???

    1. We apologize for the mistake. The lead should say all children with a valid school ID, MCPS or otherwise.

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