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College representatives critique students’ portfolios at Art School Forum

Student artists filled the cafeteria last night at the 10th annual Art School Forum. Representatives from over 25 colleges reviewed students’ art portfolios.

College representatives critique students' artwork at the 10th annual Art School Forum last night. The workshop, the only one of its kind in the county, allows students to gain feedback to work on their portfolios for art school. Photo by Julia Berard.

Popular colleges included Boston University, California College of Art and Design, Rhode Island School of Design and School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Junior Mia Duncan brought her laptop with her photo portfolio to show prospective colleges.

“It’s really helpful because you get a more experienced professional critique on your work,” Duncan said. “It’s nice that the colleges come to you, so you don’t have to go online and do as much research.”

Because the forum is the only one in the county, students from every MCPS school are invited.

“We have really talented artists here,” senior Maryam Saade said. “It’s great that Whitman offers this here. People come from all sorts of schools to talk to the colleges, so the fact that we have it here is pretty big deal.”

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