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Triangle Blog: Steroid scandals sully MLB’s image

Another baseball giant has given into the steroids era:  Ryan Braun, last year’s National League MVP, tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, but the test was overturned in court.

Professional baseball's reigning MVP Ryan Braun speaks at a press conference in February. Braun's successful legal challenge to his positive steroid test highlights the problems the MLB has with dealing with steroids. Photo from BlogtoBlogChamps.

His lawyers argued that the delivery man mishandled his sample, which caused it to test positive.  Some see Braun’s legal victory as a win for the players, but it’s really a loss for professional baseball’s image.

Steroids have dominated the baseball world for the past 15 years and it seems like anyone who has any talent has taken these illegal drugs. As of right now, professional baseball players are seen as over-paid meatheads who drink in the clubhouse and cheat to get ahead.

If people are like me, they’re sick of the steroid scandals and disgusted with these modern athletes.  I can’t see why these players are still getting away with cheating.  If the league wants to spark change, like it says it does at every news conference, then the MLB needs to create much stricter rules and fines in order to get the players’ attention.

Braun’s scandal needs to be the League’s wake up call. If it doesn’t start cracking down on this horrible behavior, the next generation of players will continue to make the same mistakes.

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2 thoughts on “Triangle Blog: Steroid scandals sully MLB’s image”

  1. This is excellent and I just wanted to thank you for posting this.
    I am really impressed together with your writing skills and also with the layout that the revolution created by the Steroids. This also explained the total domination of the steroids over the base ball ad its members.

  2. didnt ya hear braun is innocent and im inclined to belive him. Before this MLB coulda picked any player they wanted to and said u did steroids and that was it hes done. Kudos Bruan for finally winning one against the sytem. author stop assuming the guilt of every player in the MLB

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