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Triangle Blog: Unexciting NFL draft

Usually I find myself watching all the NFL draft specials and reading everyone’s predictions, but this year I could care less.  It’s like reading a book when you already know the ending.

Everyone knows Luck will be going one and RG3 will be going two.  There is really no chance that anything else will happen.

The thrill of who goes first is the most exciting part of the draft, but when you already know who it’s going to be all the fun goes away.

I am excited to see how Luck and Griffin perform and live up to all the hype.  Those two will be compared to each other for the rest of careers and I believe it will push them to try their hardest.

I’m excited for the season but because I already know the punch line, the draft is worthless to me this year.

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One thought on “Triangle Blog: Unexciting NFL draft”

  1. Thanks so much, John! And not for linking me, but for ptitung these other great artists up. We’d all have a harder time discovering them if it wasn’t for you. So, really, thanks!Hope to see some more of your studies and art, soon :)~robin

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