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Speech team performs in first annual showcase, ‘SpeechEasy’

The Speech Team hosted “Speecheasy,” their first annual showcase, April 25 in the WAUD.

The showcase, which featured small samples of each speech event, from humorous and dramatic performances to prose and poetry, gave speech team members the rare opportunity to perform in front of the Whitman community.

“Normally you just perform with your competitors in the room — no more than five or six people — so it’s great to hear the audience’s reactions: to hear their laughter, to hear their reactions to the sad parts and to work off of those reactions,” team member Fox Williams said.

The event’s performances and free food attracted an audience that filled the WAUD, establishing a good precedent for future showcases, team captain Alexander Burnett said.

“The event was a huge success, and I think that the audience really enjoyed it,” Burnett said.  “Speech is an incredible activity that too often gets confused with Debate, and I hope [the showcase] will help more people learn about it and decide to participate.”



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One thought on “Speech team performs in first annual showcase, ‘SpeechEasy’”

  1. Congratulations to all the students who participated! This event was as entertaining as any nighttime television show–one clever and captivating performance after another presented with perfect timing. Now that I know the quality of these performances I would gladly pay to see the show.

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