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Seniors dominate BOTC, juniors win second

A green leprechaun jumped around while students screamed, waved American flags and chanted in the gym yesterday. Each grade hoped to bring in a Battle of the Classes win at the annual competition Tuesday.

The seniors swept the competition, followed by the juniors in second place. Though the other grades put up a good fight, with some surprises for events like musical chairs, the seniors ultimately won.

The St. Patrick's Day-themed sophomores cheer for their Battle of the Classes team. Photo by Billy Bird.

Senior Linn Bumpers, who was part of the competition team for the fourth year, was pleasantly surprised the seniors didn’t have to rig the competition to clinch a win.

“The best part was winning tug of war,” she said. “We were really positive we were going to lose, but we won in the end.”

This year, the SGA put a new twist on the dodgeball event. Teams built cup towers while simultaneously trying to lob balls at the other team’s structure and players. The seniors built the highest tower, winning 60 points.

The new event went smoothly, despite concerns that students wouldn’t understand the rules, secretary Ali Foreman said.

“It went really well,” Foreman, a senior, said. “I thought Castle Destructo was one of our better competitions this year.”

Students showed their spirit through crazy costumes, with one senior sporting just overalls and a flag. Seniors cheered “It’s your bedtime” toward the freshmen, while juniors retaliated with “We won’t miss you.”

In the midst of fierce competition, the Guy Poms performed for the first time this year. They entertained the crowd with booty pops, high kicks and the signature pom-pom wave.

BOTC 2012- 2013 from The Black & White Online on Vimeo.

“I’m glad that Guy Poms did so well,” senior Alex Deziel said. “We performed much better than any of our practices.”

For Bumpers, the senior class’ energy and spirit was a highlight of Battle of the Classes.

“I’ve been waiting since freshman year to do the ‘1-2-3 more years’ cheer,” she said.

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