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By Annie Rice

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D.C. artists paint murals, decorate city spaces

This Eastwood Wall mural in southeast D.C. is one of the Open Walls project’s many locations. The project encourages D.C. artists to decorate public spaces. Photo by Annie Rice.

On a cold day in November, two artists in the Open Walls program took their paint and brushes to a skate park adjacent to Garfield Park in Southeast D.C. The once dark concrete walls were covered in paintings of ducks wearing skateboarding attire, rainbow graffiti and abstract human representations in black and white. Share This:

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Transcript secretary Susan Katz resigns

Any student who ever applied to college, dropped off a completed SSL form or registered for AP exams remembers transcript secretary Susan Katz. Katz received a job offer from Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Silver Spring to become their new administrative secretary.

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