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By Bailey Hults

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Smaller teacher salaries, class sizes coming to MCPS

Members of the Montgomery County Council. Photo Courtesy of Katherine Frey of the Washington Post.

The Montgomery County Council approved a $5.3 billion budget May 26, and unanimously voted in favor of implementing smaller class sizes in MCPS. As a result, in the 2016-2017 school year, previously negotiated raises for teachers will be trimmed to allocate more of the budget toward reducing class sizes.

Embrace your Awesomeness; embrace your averageness

Graphic by Charlotte Alden

A few months ago, my math teacher told our class about how “incredible” her son was. Having met Corbin, I know that he’s indeed a genuine legend (he’s an adorable dancer with class and sass). But coming from his mom, it just seemed biased. She noted the palpable discomfort in the room and then said, […]

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