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Argonaut: Part 5 of 5

Within the cargo hold, MST members scurried across the floor like insects. Acetylene torches lit across the room as operatives sliced their way through crates, extracting objects for the pile of loot. “I thought your team would recycle metals.” Nekimbe told the closest man as he began to walk out. “You are taking things from […]

Argonaut: Part 4

“Trilobite Six to Kraken Two. We have a situation.” “Kraken Two. Go ahead.” “Upon inspection Intrepid IV discovered a large hole located below the waterline on the starboard hull. Trilobite Six and 49 entered and began secondary interior assessment.” Stromberg paused. “A second hole was discovered inside the ship, destroying the door to the interior […]

Argonaut: Part 3

Inside the room, the boy lay trembling in the corner, clutching a large can of something to its chest with one arm. The other pressed in on his ears, frantically wriggling his palm into his temple. He alternated every few seconds, as if to even the burden between his two hands. He could not have […]

Argonaut: Part 2

Outside the control room, the distant glowing of faraway beacons intensified once again into a swarm of blinding lights as two Trilobites touched down upon the wrecked hull of the Argonaut. Diving sleds and armored rescuers disengaged their locks, and pairs parted to do their respective trades. The armored rescuers now plodded along the deck, […]

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Photo of the Day: March 6

Photo of the Day: March 6

Dozens of students shared the “KONY 2012″ video on Facebook today, after the organization Invisible Children premiered the video online to raise awareness about Joseph Kony, who leads the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa and abducts children for child soldiers and sex slaves.

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Ali Foreman (far right) visits the Cape of Good Hope with her host sister, Sarah, and fellow Whitman exchange student Kate O'Brien (second left) and her host sister.

‘Goeiedag,’ or hello, from South Africa

It’s 30 degrees (in Celsius) right now, I saw a baboon walking down the street yesterday, and when I asked for ketchup at lunch today, the waitress looked at me like I was crazy. Needless to say, this side of the world is far different from our “Bethesda bubble.”

Semester exam schedule

Exams for first semester start tomorrow and continue through next week. Students do not have to show up to classes in which they don’t have an exam. Buses still run on normal schedules, but students can stay in the media center or cafeteria.

Richard Berke (’76) oversees political coverage and features for the New York Times as assistant managing editor

It’s November of 2000, and Al Gore and George Bush are locked in a stalemate in the race for the American presidency. In the heart of the action is Richard Berke, hot on the story as debates raged over who would be the victor. Now, Richard Berke (’76) is an assistant managing editor for the New York Times, overseeing all political campaign coverage as well as the Times’ feature sections, but this news buff got his start writing for the Black & White in the 1970s.



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